Vic w/ his wife Charity during their traditional wedding (Houston TX, 2016)

Vic Oyedeji is an entrepreneur, musician, music engineer, producer, social activist, and tech educator. In 2005, he started V-Sax Music Entertainment, a music production label that provided artist services such as production, recording, songwriting, mixing and mastering. In 2006, he became a saxophone artist known as Mr. V-Sax. In 2007, he started a sheet music service, first titled V-Sax Sheets, then Hitsheets, then ‘The Song Key’. In 2016, he started UNSTRIPPED VOICE, a platform that promotes social, racial, and economic equity.

In 2018, Vic became the Founder & CEO of Dubata, an online school where students get great-paying tech jobs without learning code, having prior experience, or a college degree.



His musical beginnings began in 1996, where he learned the saxophone at the young age of 11 at Youngblood Intermediate in Alief, TX (located in Southwest Houston). Crediting his love of music to his parents and close childhood friends, Vic began to excel early as a saxophone player. He later picked up several instruments such as the Piano, Drums, and other horn instruments all throughout his Junior High and High School years. He also was the lead piano / sax player at Chapel of Praise, one of the largest Nigerian churches in Houston at the time, from 2000 until 2003.

In 2005, Vic founded his production label V-Sax Music Entertainment, which he first operated out of his college dorm room. The label provided production, recording and mixing services for up-and-coming artists around the Oklahoma region.

In 2007, after seeing a piano player named David Sides perform a top-10 Billboard cover on Youtube, Vic became one of the first saxophone players to release top-10 covers on the site. As an immediate result, many youtubers emailed Vic, inquiring about the “notes” (or sheet music) for the songs he played. Sensing there weren’t any sheet music for top billboard songs online at the time, he went on to start a website called V-Sax Sheets — which provided sheet music for current top radio hits.

In 2010, he took his company V-Sax Music Entertainment back to his hometown in Houston, TX, where he provided music services for local Houston artists, as well as international artists who wanted to record while visiting the city. In addition, he founded a band called V-Sax & The Crew later that year, which eventually led him and his band to perform (and tour) with several major U.S. and Nigerian artists over the next few years.

Also during this time, Vic officially became a saxophone artist under the name Mr. V-Sax (a title he’s had from 2006 until early 2015). As a saxophone artist, he released several records and became a staple for Nigerian and American weddings all over the U.S., performing in over 75 weddings from 2010 until 2014. In addition, Vic was a regular saxophone player at various Houston nightclubs and venues where saxophone players don’t usually perform, making his mark in the city.

In 2014, Vic moved to New York City in hopes of finally catching his “big break” in the music business. In less than 3 weeks there, he worked with several music labels (including Sony Red) and recorded for label artists such as Mario Winans and various New York jazz & pop artists.

However, after seeing and understanding more of the inner-workings of the music business, Vic decided to regroup and moved to Rochester, NY in early 2015. It was also during this time he switched careers to tech and became a QA Analyst.

In 2015, Vic formally retired his production label V-Sax Music Entertainment after 10 years. He also retired as a saxophone player after 19 years as an active musician.

Also in 2015, Vic took his V-Sax Sheets platform and transformed it into Hitsheets. Hitsheets was one of the first sheet music subscription-based platforms, and grew to more than 100,000 likes on Facebook in just 1 year. In 2018 Hitsheets changed its name to ‘The Song Key’, providing the correct key for any song in a quick, timely matter. As of 2019 ‘ The Song Key’ is no longer in use.

In 2016, Vic founded UNSTRIPPED VOICE — a platform that promotes racial, social and economic equity — by posting interesting historical facts and news that mainstream media and schools often neglect. UNSTRIPPED VOICE grew to over 350,000 likes on Facebook in just under 18 months. One of the most notable accomplishments from UNSTRIPPED VOICE was the #NoKaepernickNoNFL petition, which has over 200,000 signatures and sparked a nationwide conversation on the NFL’s treatment of Colin Kaepernick.

In 2018, Vic became the Founder & CEO of Dubata, an online school where students get great-paying tech jobs without learning code, having prior experience, or a college degree. Dubata (which means “do better”) aims to make it easier for people to get paid, while decreasing learning costs & streamlining access to jobs w/out a “perfect” resume.

Also in late 2018, Vic started the Maroon 5 / Super Bowl petition that also created national attention during the 2019 Super Bowl halftime show. His petition gained over 110,000 signatures and changed the conversation around performing during the halftime show.

Vic received his BA from Oral Roberts University in 2009, majoring in Music Technology. He currently lives in Durham, NC with his wife Charity, a Hematology fellow physician at Duke University.