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Dubata® is now an official training provider of NC Works

Dubata® is now an official training provider of NC Works, a one-stop online resource for job seekers and employers in North Carolina.

NC Works is a proud partner of the American Job Center Network, the North Carolina Association of Workforce development, and the North Carolina Department of Commerce.

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The end of Hitsheets, and the beginning of The Song Key™

Since 2007, when I became of the first (if not the first) saxophone players to post a top-10 cover on Youtube, my journey of creating sheet music for the top billboard songs was a wild one. Originally it was called VSax Sheets. Then in late 2015 I converted it into Hitsheets, the first subscription-type…

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Join Dubata: An Online Social Education and Jobs Platform

I’m excited to announce a new online platform I’ve been working on nonstop over the past 15 months. It’s called Dubata and it’s an online social education and jobs platform. Dubata’s mission is to be the top online spot for anyone to learn new skills, teach each other (by creating online courses), and connect with great paying jobs — essentially giving anyone a real opportunity to succeed, no mattter where the person came from.

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