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The Weekend I Jumped The Broom & Married My Wife … (w/ Personal Video Clips)

Due to one’s busy lifestyle, it’s rare to take some time to look and reflect back on important milestones & moments that lead you to where you are at today.  You always tell yourself “I’ll reflect on it tomorrow” but tomorrow leads to the next tomorrow, then the next week, next month…and next thing you know many months, maybe years pass by and you don’t have a moment to look back and appreciate all the big memories.

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Looking Back: Why I Retired Playing The Saxophone Last Year

Before I get started, let me just address the elephant(s) in the room:

  • I no longer go by “Mr. V-Sax”.
  • I no longer play the saxophone.
  • I no longer have a recording studio, meaning I no longer record, produce, mix artists songs.
  • I have no desire to go back to do any of the above mentioned.

I could just end my post with that, and it will be all good.  But if you wondering how did I get to this point, well, that itself is a story and a journey. One that requires me to “open up” and tell my story on how it was being the music man and all.