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I’m excited to announce a new online platform I’ve been working on nonstop over the past 15 months. It’s called Dubata and it’s an online social education and jobs platform. Dubata’s mission is to be the top online spot for anyone to learn new skills, teach each other (by creating online courses), and connect with great paying jobs — essentially giving anyone a real opportunity to succeed, no mattter where the person came from.

Before I started working on Dubata back in October 2016, I’ve always wanted others to succeed in life. I also understood that making a decent salary was not only essential to one’s success, but also to a somewhat-healthy everyday mental life (because who wants to be worrying about bills every single day).

For many years, we have preached that hard work equals success. While it is true that hard work is necessary, the reality is that it doesn’t equal success. I’m sure many of you can personally attest to this; you can work hard all you want and still end up either not making a lot of money, not fulfilling a goal you had, or both. Furthermore you can have a job, work hard as hell, then come home with a terrible paycheck after 2 weeks.

I knew about the pitfalls of hard work, but I didn’t know how to make money from a job. I thought you just had to work harder, and the money will eventually come. This all changed a few years back when I became a Software Tester. What I realized was that the skills I acquired and the salary for it was much higher than any job or field I previously worked at — and I didn’t even work too hard for it (once I got the hang of it). It then became apparent: It’s not about how hard you work, it’s really about the demand for your skills.

With that realization (and it was a rude, but enlightening one), back in early 2015 I decided to create an online course that showed people how to become a Software Tester — a great skill to learn. I even made my own website for the course. Eventually, an old friend of mine asked if he could create his own course on my site (which I couldn’t), but it did open my eyes a little bit.

As time went on, as I got much wiser in business and ownership — along with this, I decided to create my own platform that not only allowed me to create my Software Testing online course, but for others to create their own course so they can make money and to impact others (like my friend asked).

Furthermore, what’s the reason why people learn new skills? To get paid. So I also integrated a job board for employers to post jobs that needs to be filled. My hope and dream is that students who finish courses on Dubata can use their course certificate — which they can get when they finish a course — as their “resume” when applying for great paying jobs. That would be a dream for me (one of many).

However, the growth of Dubata happens one day at a time. As Joel Embiid would always say, #TrustTheProceess. You can join for free at right now. If you can also check out my first 2 courses that come with this release that took months to get done: Basic Computer Functions and Easily Become a Software Tester, and make around $50,000/yr and up.

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