My music platform ‘The Song Key’ is no longer in use

Some business news to share. A few months back I converted my old songwriting platform (Hitsheets) into a new one, called The Song Key. The plan was simple: Show the key of any song that came on the radio.

Although it’s a great idea, I didn’t have time to realize it. That’s because my time is spent running Unstripped Voice and trying to get my tech/jobs platform Dubata off the ground. Then there’s my personal life I have to live.

So I had to make some cuts. The Song Key is that cut.

It’s been a good, brief run.

As far as its social media, I’m keeping the facebook page since it has over 100,000 likes (mostly generated from my Hitsheets days). It still has distribution potential, so I won’t let that go just yet — maybe I’ll use it for something else someday down the road. However, the Instagram and Twitter accounts are gone as of this writing.

Also of this writing, for the first time since I was 11 years old (22 1/2 years ago), I won’t have a hobby/job/platform/side hustle that has anything to do with music. Sad day for me…but to be real it was a long time coming anyways.

See you on the other side.

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