The end of Hitsheets, and the beginning of The Song Key™

Since 2007, when I became of the first (if not the first) saxophone players to post a top-10 cover on Youtube, my journey of creating sheet music for the top billboard songs was a wild one.

Originally it was called VSax Sheets. Then in late 2015 I converted it into Hitsheets, the first subscription-type platform that was a “Spotify” for sheet music. To promote it, I posted the best cover songs from youtube and brought them into our Hitsheets facebook page, which quickly blew up into 100,000+ likes. Things were going great.

Then the publishing labels came in and messed everything up. Especially UMPG (Universal Music Publishing Group).

I won’t get too much into that story, but let’s just say I had to delete most of the cover videos on Facebook, as well as all of the sheet music titles on until I get proper “license clearance”. After 1 1/2 frustrating years of trying & them not reaching back/returning my calls, I decided to make Hitsheets a request-only site. At the same time, my focus changed and was on building my online tech school Dubata® so I can financially impact lives by getting people great-paying tech jobs, since I recently worked in the tech field as well.

In all, I lost my desire to continue to write sheet music.



The day I wrote my last sheet music title for Hitsheets, I wondered how I can still make an impact with the musical gifts God gave me. After much thought, I went back to my roots and used a gift that helped me throughout my musical life — my perfect pitch ability.

In a nutshell, having “perfect pitch” means you’re able to name the notes of any song within seconds, without being able to play a note on an instrument to verify it. Apparently very few people can do this (as I’ve been told).

I knew that when a new song comes up, and people try to find the correct key for that song, they would first ask me the key because of my perfect pitch. This is even how I was able to easily write sheet music in the first place, or play songs on the sax without ever practicing it (playing it on the spot at events, etc). It also got me through college, tested me out from Ear Training classes, etc.

In all, I wanted to go back to the basics. As a result, I created a new site called The Song Key™ which gets you the key of any song very quickly. All you have to do is request it here. That’s it. And if you play a particular instrument and want the key of the song for your part, you can as well.

That’s it. Hopefully this new venture goes far. I’m committed to making it happen.

We’re on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. These social media accounts were formerly Hitsheets accounts, but I converted all them (except the Youtube account — I went ahead created a brand new one — the legacy of Hitsheets has to live somehow).

Take care,


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